Thank you for considering Internet Devco as your internet solutions provider. We offer complete internet development services to small and medium businesses. With 8 years of experience developing web sites for a variety of clients. We handle all aspects of your project including design, graphics, hosting, database integration and e-commerce.

We will begin your project with an assessment of your goals and requirements. We will help you to determine the best solutions to achieve your objectives on time and within your budget.

Our team of software engineers and graphic designers have years of experience in developing web based solutions.

We specialize in

including ur service offerings include: Custom Application Design and Development Whether you need an eBusiness solution, or a software solution tailored to your needs, Xmedia can help you define and implement the solution in the shortest possible time frame. Our team of software engineers have several years worth of experience implementing solutions for blue chip companies in the Silicon Valley. Our engineers are involved in technology projects spanning eCommerce, development of foundation technologies for the Internet, security, encryption, databases, application frameworks for Internet etc.. Website Deployment and Hosting Our commitment to eBusiness customers continues beyond the phase of simply crafting the software solution, we have expertise in the areas of high traffic website deployment and application hosting. We can provide guidance through all aspects of deployment including, equipment selection for running a glitch-free website, put together a plan for scaling the website as traffic to website grows, putting together a security framework around your website, and continued support for 24x7 operation of mission critical systems and sites. Professional Services Time to market is an ever-important factor when you are working in Internet Timeframe. Xmedia can help you whether you are looking to augment your staff for a short duration to deliver the project in time, or, simply need some specific skill for a limited time span. By partnering with Xmedia you will have access to a large number of highly experienced consultants with skill set that encompasses the breadth of the Internet technologies. Whether it is Java or XML, Encryption or Security, Database or Application Servers, our consultants can provide help just when you need it.